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About Esther and "My Music Ventures"

My name is Esther Tyree.  I grew up in an environment that was practically shaped by the properties of music.  My mom introduced me to violin lessons when I was 8 years old.  I remember spending my summers at Suzuki camps, either in New Orleans, or Stevens Point, WI.  I began teaching at 14 and training in the Suzuki philosophy at 16. 

My music has taken me around the world.  I consider myself an ambassador of world peace, which was Dr. Suzuki's goal with his method.  I had the great privilege of meeting Sensei Suzuki in Japan when I was 16, and his love for music has carried over into what I do.

I graduated from college with a Bachelor's of Music Education and went on to complete my Masters in Music Education.  My journey towards being the best teacher (still on that journey!) has led me to study with many great teachers, and on the pages of this site you will see the benefits of those sessions, whether short or long term.

"My many students have inspired me to come up with a myriad of innovative ways to teach and transfer ideas. I give them my heartfelt thanks and dedicate these pages to them."

About Teaching

I am currently accepting students of any age. Parents can start creating the learning environment from birth and when the child is potty trained, formal lessons can be started.  I have experience and certification in Suzuki Violin and Piano.  I also teach viola, cello, and fiddling.  I love helping both children and adults develop the ability to express themselves through the medium of music. One of the favorite aspects of my studio teaching is watching families learn and play together. At the moment, my lessons are held in the studio.  As technology advances I am preparing to teach online lessons as well.

Teaching Tools

I have a fiddle series as well as a method of teaching reading, called "Bridge to Reading", that combines the philosophies of Suzuki and Kodaly for an easy transition from learning by ear to reading music.

I have had the privilege of seeing three of my essays published in the American Suzuki Journal.  These articles detail teaching and practicing tips for the all important aspect of review.

In response to several requests from families in my studio, I have started a blog, that chronicles my journey as a musician and teacher.  These can be found under "Recent blog posts".