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If asked to describe myself, I would say "I'm pragmatic and practical" .  When packing for trips, I've often said, "Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it." in determining whether or not an item should be packed.  It often applies to things that fall into categories of "not easily found in the place I'm going."  My violin falls into this category.  In the summer, in Lousiana, especially in June, an umbrella would meet the criteria.  I might have learned this perspective from my maternal grandmother who lived through the depression and thus had learned to be frugal.  It could very well have been her philosophy for me when she started teaching me to cook and bake.  I would spend a good part of August at my grandparents house and one summer when I was having some stomach issues with the standard eggs and toast breakfast, she suggested that I try making some oatmeal or "rolled oats" as she called them.

If memory serves correct, I watched her make the first pot.  She mixed the oats and water in the evening, let it sit over night, and then cooked it in the morning.  Soon, I was in charge of the entire production.  Not long after, I was put in charge of making the mashed potatoes, after I watched her make them and then she worked with me until I made them to her satisfaction.  At some point, me watching her do it first was omitted and she went straight to, "I found this recipe that looks good. I don't have time to make it. Why don't you make it and tell me how it is."  I did and the cooking and baking bug settled in to stay.

I was making chicken and dumplings, pancakes, bread puddings, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other recipes that she would recommend or that I would find.  I enjoyed baking and cooking and found some sort of satisfaction in taking a list of ingredients and mixing them together into a delicious entree or side dish or dessert.

I still enjoy baking and cooking and bringing batches of yumminess to my friends, especially when they're on a restrictive diet and I can bake some brownies or coffee cake that is delicious and nutritious.

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