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Why Music Lessons?

Music is a great avenue of expression and like language, can be enjoyed alone and when presented in a group setting, takes on another level of meaning. When you speak alone you have a monologue, when you speak in a group, you create conversation.  So it is with music.  Music played by itself is a beautiful solo, a single melody that can be breathtaking and life changing.  A song that is played by a group becomes a new experience for the player and listener.  Suddenly there is texture, melody, harmony, and counterpoint, a conversation back and forth between the players.  Also touching and a powerful testimony to the cumulative power of the efforts of each individual in the group.

Beginning musicians first need to be skilled in the ability of solo playing before endeavoring to participate in a multi-person ensemble.  In a group class, each player learns how to listen to him or herself and to the surrounding musicians and adjust his or her playing for the greater good of the whole.  The presentation is only as good as the least experienced member.  As confidence and security is acquired, new elements can be introduced that enrich the group sound and develop additional ability in the individual. 

With the addition of these elements,  performing what was once easy and somewhat mundane is now fun and exciting.  Younger players are challenged and inspired to practice so they too can join the more advanced group and participate in music that has greater complexity, thus continuing the cycle of growth that keeps music alive.